Friday, June 23, 2006

Last weekend a free man

Who'da Thunk it,
Dan married..........Wow. You know what, I'm ready for this.
I'm hungry it's time to eat....Bye.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Ladies and gentlemen, Central air is a beautiful thing. We were dying the past few weeks on the days over 90 degrees or close to it. I went ahead and had the 40 year old furnace replaced and added central air. My boss said that A/C is the only thing worth paying for these days(when I think about it, he's right). We lucked out though because the house was built in 1938 and the house has duct work throughout, only no returns on the 2nd floor. That is my next project to tackle myself. That will be post-wedding and honeymoon though.

Sunday, June 18, 2006


For the lay-person, Cornhole is a beanbag game played with boards. After I read that, it didn't sound very good that Jesse was suprisingly good at cornhole for the first time.

Batchelor Party

My batchelor party was last night. I had a great time. It was only a few guys, mainly the ones in the wedding party and another friend and my father and her uncle. I figured that whoever was there wanted to be there, so I had fun with who was there as opposed to who wasn't there bringing me down. Afterwards we went to my Brothers house and drank and played cornhole. My buddie Jesse was suprisingly good for a first timer. No pictures though, a Bob and Tom cardinal rule of life: Never be the guy to bring a camera to a batchelor party.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Rather be fishing

I am beat! This week whooped my ACE! My company has been putting in alot of time at a job in Dayton, OH which is down to the last weeks of us being able to get in and do anything. The hardest part is that my boss which is 2nd in command of the company with all of this mayhem at work, is becoming a major Richard. I'm so glad for the weekends.
My batchelor party is tomorrow. I need a reprieve. I have also been working alot at the house recently trying to get the 1st floor renovations completed and next week we are getting central air, so the hectic life at work has crept home with me a bit.
When does it all stop?
Pictured above is me off the coast of Sannibel while we were Vaca-ing w/ the Rabbit and her hubby and friend.

Monday, June 12, 2006

In all of my glory

This would be me on a vacation not too long ago in Florida. We were vaca-ing with The infamous "Running Rabbit" and her hubby. Cheers.

My first Blog

A friend of mine got me interested in doing this and have finally gotten around to setting this up. (Actually I finally was able to find a name that is not used). Hopefully I'll be able to share as many interesting facts about myself as I can. This will also be a sounding board for my stresses in life. Even though life rarely stresses me. So rock on all of you people that I don't know who you are yet. I'll shut up now. Glad to meet you.
Heavy D