Sunday, July 30, 2006

She's a Big Tree...

A hot and steamy Sunday afternoon in Dan-o Land. About 90+ degrees outside. So I decide today is the day to get up on a ladder and trimming the 9"+ branches hanging over the house for winter icing safety. I only wish it were close to winter though because it is ASS hot outside. I already said that though...I digress. This is very large tree and it's bigger than you think until you get up into it and are looking down at your brother on the ground and he looks like a midget. We had a slight scare though because one of the branches was pretty close to the street wire (20" or so) and about the same distance to the house and when it was cut, it stayed attached partially to the tree and was hanging straight up and down to the ground thinking to itself....(Hmmmm, do I completely snap off here and take out the side of the house or go the other way and knock out comunication to the whole block, or do I just hang here and let Dan-o take care of me?) Luckily she hung in there. I was able to cut the bottom of the branch off and she fell straight down.
I have stated many 'O times that I want to be a lumber jack. I think I may take that up.
I will wait till this evening though to cut up the branches into little pieces for firewood, it's just TOO DAMN HOT, especially 'for Penguins to just be walkin' around.'

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Ahhhh...... dog vomit

<-------------This is the culprit...But I can't be mad at that face for too long. The only day in weeks that I had a killer chance of sleeping in. I was soooo sound asleep at 9:00 AM Sunday morning, until I was awakened by the unmistakeable ......gurgle, gurgle, gurgle, gurgle, gurgle, gurgle.......BLAH!!! Yes, Palmer puked, but not until he was out in the hallway. I get him outside and he's ok now....DAMN DOG! We pick the only dog out of a litter of 13 puppies with an irritable digestive system. So I get back inside and the wife is downstairs. I had to pee really bad by now. She doesn't..... because she walked OVER the puke in the hallway outside of the bedroom to get to the potty. So I truck it back upstairs to clean the mess up, back downstairs to throw it away, and back up to piss. Not a great start to a Sunday morning where a grueling day of yard work awaits. I know my place in life now. Bush-root diggerupper and puke cleanerupper.
There I vented, I feel better now.

Thursday, July 20, 2006


Ahhhh, the wife left for a meeting at work at 6 tonight after I had gotten home from work. I layed down on the couch right when she was leaving. you know, watching a little of the ESPN or Seinfeld....what ever worked for me at the time. Next thing I know, I'm startled by the front door opening at 11:00 PM as she returns home from going out with the girls afterwards for a few drinks. Now it's nearly 12:00 AM and I can't even think about going right back to sleep.
Wide awake,

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

You'll Get Nothing And Like It!!!

Back at the detached 8 car garage house today and the newly high school graduated son was going over what he wanted for his dorm room next year while he was away at school. They were going over the list he had created when he began the classic "I want...., and I want...., and this, and I'd like this for this....." All I could think of was Spalding and Caddy Shack. I had to leave the area of the house and move downstairs so I could laugh a little. AHHHH, the things that make us laugh in life, huh?
By the way, hey Q(aka. Rabbitt), can you get started on the above recipe for me and the Landlord. How I miss your baking skills as far as the sweets go. The wife doesn't make me cookies yet. No one's sweeter than you.<-----Does this make me an ass kisser too?

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Hot Ass Day In An Attic

Generally speaking, my job is a fairly technical one with very little exertion whatsoever. Today was no different only it involved getting up in an attic and pulling down wires we had prepped from a brand new 8 car garage to the clients pool house equipment rack(I know 8 car garage and pool house is too much in one sentence for the layperson, but I'm getting pretty numb to the whole $$$ and our clients, everyday is just another rich ass).
So in the very little time I spent pulling down these wires (1hour), I lost at least 50lbs. of body water, ok not really but my clothes were absolutely drenched, to the point where Mrs. Client asked if I had jumped into the pool.
All I have to say is that the hard part is done, the fun part is actually making it all work now.
Well I'm home now and I am going to relax this evening, I have done yard work the past 2 nights and have gotten done what I wanted to get finished with. Time to relax with the Palmer Dog (aka. P-Diddy,Palm,Shithead{sometimes} Good boy{other times, and Bozo}. The pic was taken after we had gotten back from the honeymoon. He was whooped from a weeks worth of running full out with my brothers Jack Russell Terr.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Pics Hopefully

Lets try this again

My first week back

Hey guys. It's so good to know that ALL 3 OF YOU are so eagerly awaiting my next post. Well here it is. I was dreading the return to work, but the week actually flew by. Aside from the A** kisser at work me and another fella are very close to killing, things went smooth. This newer guy is doing some serious pube flossing. He knows very little about the business and does absolutely nothing..NOTHING!!! I wish I could waste the at least 40 hours of labor walking around a house with a manual trying to look important when the boss isn't around. I don't sweat much, but A** kissers take the strawberry with white icing piece of cake. I just want to stab him in the eye with a spoon....thanks for that one Q.
'nuf said, anyway. I am doing well and finally able to get in on some of the yard work that needs tending to. I spent last evening tearing out a bunc of vines down along the back fence. It's nice to be able to get started on it all. With my surgery and then planning for the wedding, I didn't have time to do much of anything. So what do you say Q, wanna go out and do some drinking. I haven't been out for a while to a bar just to hang out and drink.....maybe it's because of the all of the smoke, but I think once in a while won't hurt.
Your friendly neighborhood married man,
PS-here's a few pics from Charleston. If they don't post I'll try again. And what's a vacation with Danno without a trip to a WWII Aircraft Carrier? It's not a trip at all man!!!! The beautiful home is the Boone Hall Plantation

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Back from the honeymoon

All is well here and we are home safe.
Why didn't anyone tell me that removing a memory card from a camera before it's turned off erases the pictures on the memory card. There were some good pictures of downtown Charleston on there. It was only the small card that comes with the camera, we got a new 1 gig card and I don't really know if we'll ever need to take the pics off of it.
I'll get the pics we have off of the camera later and post a few from the vaca.