Friday, November 24, 2006

To be Thankful

I'm not going to get too sappy here, but I wanted to take some time here to show the things I'm thankful for in my life.

1. My wife and family, without which I just couldn't picture myself as being who I am today.

2. ALL of my friends, new and old, all of which with their different outlooks on life and witty banter never cease to peak my interests.

3. My job: Not many people can say that their job is as cool as mine. I've been blessed with an ability and steady hand that helps me do what I do every day.

4. My pets: psycho as they may be, they never waver in their unending affection. Good days or bad, they are always there to say "Hi".....they really do say that you know.

5. My truck Ron.

6. Thin, fit, and voluptuous runners that stretch right in front of you at the Thanksgiving day race without a thought of who might be glancing over at the spandex pants HUGGING your bottom.....I digress.

7. Thin, fit, Voluptuous runners with white tops and see through sports bras!!!!!!! Did you honestly thing NOONE would look darlin' in the white top and blue stretchies??? Easily C's ...... 'nough said.....again, I digress.

8. Barry Manilow....He gives me the will to get up off of my ass between #7 and #8 here on this list, the will to not be lazy, run downstairs and change the XM channel on my stereo.

9. The winter months that I love so much coming up. I'm a big fan of the cold weather. It's much easier to stay warm in the winter than it is to stay cool in the blistering summer(not that I don't mind Charleston, SC or Sannibel.....the surroundings make up for the mugginess.)

10. Warriors. Soldiers. Those of which I admire are all who fight and give us the freedoms we have here at home which we MOST times take advantage of. The warriors who take it to them rather than have the meanies bring it to us again and again. Rather there than here. I drink beer for all of you.

To all who've read this, have a great Christmas, Thanksgiving weekend, and New Year. To my Jewish people reading this, have a good Hanukka.


Thursday, November 09, 2006

Palmer=Not a good jogging partner

So I got home the other night and decided, "Hey Palmer, want to go for a run?" He's never been running with me before, so we tried it out. Aside from him keeping up with me the whole 2.5 miles, I almost became crippled several times. The problem is the fact that he's still a pup. Almost a year old, but full grown now. With this factor told, he is still smelling new things. I can almost hear his thought process as we ran......RUNNING RUNNING RUNNING .......WHAT'S THIS? WHY IS HE PULLING ME??? THIS OTHER DOG'S CRAP SMELLS FANTASTIC!!!! DOESN"T HE KNOW THAT???? RUNNING RUNNING .......STOP OH WHAT IS THAT SMELL???? OH IT'S NOTHING. RUNNING RUNNING......etc."
OK the problem was the fact that I was jogging at about what would be considered for me 1/3 of my max speed now that I'm 31. And stopping my BIG ASS isn't as easy as it used to be at 240 lbs. I felt as though I was a jackknifed tractor trailer each time the mutt came to a screetching halt in front of me. No more more running with me. It's back to the old licking your own crotch trick for you.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Laughing with black people

Russ: "Do you have asteroids?"

Russ's Cousin: "No...but my dad does."

So, another trek this past Sunday leads me to the Deli for some lunch meat for the weeks lunches I pack myself. As I stand in line waiting for #25 to be called, I peruse around the area to check out the other yummie treats that surround me. An older black woman, I'm guessing that she'd just come from church as she was in her 'sunday best', had picked her number from the ticket dispenser. The lady behind the counter called out "23"......She immediately stopped talking to the woman she was with and checked her ticket again. "Oh my word, we leavin' ". The much younger, and quite attractive, other black woman she was with, said "What's wrong?" I've got ticket 128. I looked down at mine to see if I had misread mine. The poor old woman read her ticket as 128 when it actually read I28. I showed her mine (my ticket sicko's) to show her that I had an I in front of my # too. She just laughed and fanned herself giving a sigh of relief. Then the older man infront of me, black also, was getting his meat sliced. The woman behind the counter, ALSO black, gave the ham a single slice and came up to the counter and asked "how does that look?" then promptly dropped it on the floor by accident. And in the funniest black woman voice, with the head swing and everything, said " it don't look too good now does it?" We all got a good laugh. I like my local Kroger and the diversity there on Sundays especially. I think that's going to be my new go-to spot on the weekends. Anyone care to join me....It's a hoot!!!!!

Friday, November 03, 2006

.....Ya Can't Stop

Ahhh my peeps, how is the world out there? It's a cold blustery beginning to the month of November......... and I'm working in it. An old client of ours.....we'll call him "Mr. K." is building a nice home on the edge of Montgomery and Indian Hill. There is a half circle that justs off of the backside of the house which goes from the 1st floor ceiling(15' high) through a 3 foot sub floor and all the way to the basement floor (also 15' high). This entire half circle will encompass a half circle stairwell to the basement and will be shelled out with a half circle window top to bottom. And I say WILL BE SHELLED OUT bitterly because of the fact that right now, there is NO Window there, top to bottom, and at 8:30 AM when walking though the front door, a rush of even colder air hits your face because over night, the house acts as a refrigerator keeping the inside cooler. So it takes until about, ummmmm 4:00 PM (cleanup time) before the house comes even close to comfortable.
On a lighter note my friends, an electrician and I were discussing the important things on a job site today like.....what happened to all of those cute girls we saw on TV when we were growing up? Like, Janet Jackson on Different Strokes. Well that was an easy one, she's all busy whipping her nips out on national TV(definately ok with that). And my personal FAVE, Alyssa Milano. She was on a vampire show or something like that for a while....not sure if it's still on). And another very often overlooked adolescent hottie, Danica McKellar. Ladies and Gents, she's better known as Winnie Cooper. So I had to look her up when I got home to see what she's up to these days. Aparently she likes posing for the FHM type mag's. Again, I'm ok with this. I couldn't have immagined an outcome like this one in a million years. From the overall's wearing smart girl from the faux '60's to this..........
And by and by, all of you whom I haven't seen in a light year, I have a new vehicle. Those of you being Tiners and Mol's, and whomever else is interested. I don't think I've ever spoken of him before now, but he's great. I call him "him" because well........his name's Ron. I came up with the name today while at work. It hit me like a ton of bricks. My truck is burgundy....My truck is Ron Burgundy!!!!!!!! Hence Ron. Ron is pictured above. I did not take this picture, I let an automotive site take this one, Ron is camera shy.