Thursday, October 26, 2006

Me again

How has everyone been. Me not so well, the wife and I have been sick over the past week and a half since we got back from the "Fantastic" family vaca we took there a few weeks ago. I am beginning to get back to my hansome self again though. I have never been so irritated with an entire groupo of people in my entire lifetime. It was ok once we had decided what we were doing for the day, but getting out of the house was like pulling teeth. It really would have been ten times better if everyone, or more people had brought their own vehicle. 4 cars and 16 people doesn't make a match. And not to mention the fact that everything had to be overdramatic when something happened or didn't happen. Come on folks, at least eat some birthday cake with me.......uh, ok nevermind, I'll eat 2 pieces and throw it out. I think the greatest part of my trip was seeing Real honest to god black bears walking right out in front of our chalet. It was nature and I love it. Somehow a black bear that can rip your arm off if you get to close to her cubs was more fun than listening to everyone bitch about something or anything.
I'm finished with that now. My computer is still whacked out with something and I think I narrowed it down to something that is attached to a Trojan virus(which is never good, and another reason I haven't had time to get on here). Something called a hacktool.proxy, I dunno. I looked it up last night and it's not a nice bug.
I'm so excited though. Saturday, this saturday, I get to go shoot at some friends. The wife's cousins and friends are all going up to this property on the west side to play a little bit of war and paintball. We did it for a batchelor party this past summer and had a blast. I'm seriously considering buying my own gun. If this becomes a regular thing, which it looks like is happening, a rental is like $50. I would have done it twice now and a gun is like $150 or something like that. I have to look at Dick's website to see for sure. Anyway, I think Frisch's is on it's way home now so I must be off.
And Q, this Sunday morning, I'll be prepping for my run for you on Thanksgiving. I'm running it twice, one for you and one for me......YEAH RIGHT, you're enough.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Sunday Grocery Shopping

Shooter: I eat pieces of shit like you for breakfast.
Gilmour: You eat pieces of shit for breakfast?

Well it's been a while and I am back from a frustrating day at the grocery store. First of all, I'm going to address ALL old people .......'STOP DRIVING!!!!!'. THRICE I was almost hit by a rickety old person, twice while pulling into the parking lot and once while walking up to the store. And all of the old people again 'RELAX, I'm just trying to get past you to do MORE shopping...I'm NOT trying to cut in the checkout line, JESUS CHRIST!!!!' I'll give you something to whine about you old bitch, just let me get past to get my lunch food for the week and I'll be right back here in 5 minutes to kick your ass. This old bitty would not move forward the 6" necessary to pass her without cracking her arthritic ankle.
Secondly, you've got to love listening to the black women shopping for their kids at home while with a friend. (Picking out some chicken strips from the freezer and showing it to the mother) "Awww yeah, get thems, they like that shit." I had to hang out there for a little while in order to continue my immersion into this ever escalating dialect amongst the ill-educated.
Thirdly(and lastly), why on a Sunday, does the Grocery store have 6 checkouts open at 1:00 PM. Do they not understand that football is on and I have frozen food and milk in my cart. That's right, it's all about me (Q, you can relate) . Luckily, Lufawnda came over to open up the register next to my line while I was 3 away from setting my stuff up on the conveyor and I walked right up and was out of there.
Side bar: Wife, "please don't make me go back there... you said that would be a 'happy house' ".

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

No Alcohol or Drugs involved

Jules:"Normally both of you would be dead as fucking fried chicken right now, but since I'm in a transitional period right now, I don't want to kill either one of your asses."

OHHHHHHH MAAAAAN!!!!! I must tell you all of another post lunch adventure. As we were traversing the lovely wooded roads of Indian Hill today making our way back to the family that owns Cincinnati, Mike was investigating what Brett had in his storage area behind the rear seat of his Ford Explorer. "What's back here Brett?" I hear from the passengers seat in the front. Mike seated behind Brett says "Ohhhh, Dan, take one of these!!" I turn to see a Kayak paddle being shoved in my face. We are going about 35 MPH when Mike says "Start Rowing!!!!" Without hesitation we both stick our paddles out of our respective sides of the vehicle and row viciously through an imaginary current. When we went into a curve, one of us had to row faster than the other. Passing cars was interesting seeing the reactions of the "beyond upper class assholes" either shaking their heads in disgust or giving looks of utter confusion as to what they had just seen. As we made it to the clients street., we put away our steering devices and luckily didn't wrerck the entire way back because Brett could hardly see from the tears running down his face. Sometimes you just have to let go. Total immaturity, it's what it's all about sometimes.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Slow Recovery

Ladies and Gents,
Why is it when you get older, the less and less your body's alcohol tolerance gets. Let's take myself for example. Friday night was an ordinary evening, I got home took my post workday shower, watched a little TV while knocking back a few Amber Bock's(delicious) afterwards I go to the wifes cousin's soccer game at Soccer City and get a pitcher which I had Bud light's out of. After the match we sat around and shot the breeze w hile drinking no beers at all. After I left there I met up with my sis at a local bar in Mt. Healthy (very nice people in Mt. Healthy by the way) and had 2 Bud lights there. We walked down Hamilton Ave. to Vince's bar ( a great sports bar) and I had 2 more.
Now mind you these were all spread out over the evening, and the next morning I was getting around just fine with no nausea, but a pounding headache. So, was it the combination of a few different beers or is my age getting to me. I'd hate to think it's the latter.