Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Boss' Christmas Gift

Ohhh how happy is the Dan-o. He's soooo happy!!! The 2 boss' gave me and another senior co-worker of mine a 50" LG plasma dispaly for our yearly gift this year. The other guys got tv's too but they recieved 42" TV's. Still very nice sets. So if you all are good, I may let you come visit the new TV sometime.
Now that I look at it, I'm not sure if this is the same one. It's like a newborn baby, they all look a little bit the same when they come out of the box. But still, it's'a very nice'a.
So happy to be me. la la la la la la.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Happy holidays to all

All I have to say is Merry Christmas. Don't ask where I got this, but we all could hardly stand up when it was on. It's about a 10 on the "Wrong Scale". Be sure there are no little ones around. I am ALL ABOUT THE HOLIDAYS though folks. Enjoy your families and give thanks to all we have. ESPECIALLY OUR COLLECTIVE SENSES OF HUMOR. Merry Christmas guys. Hope to see you all soon, me and my small teeth.
Who can't resist a drunken Dan-o.

Saturday, December 16, 2006


That's right kids, a couple of weeks ago I was out with the wifes cousins and our friends paintballing on the WEST SIDE!!! It was a great day, beautiful weather, birds still chirping, and the sound of sceams by grown up men being hit by pain of paint balls hitting them on various body parts. My day was going pretty well, the first game I didn't get knocked out until the very end, but I did get hit by one right in the fleshy part between the poiunter and middle finger while my hand was on the gun. I was so close to crying , but I didn't. Why you ask Tiners? BECAUSE I'M A MAN!!!! That's right.
As the day went on, I had several wonderful kill shots on other guys. We made it all the way until about 3:00 when people started to leave. We were down to 8 guys. 4 on 4! Let's go, one more round!!! We started out on our normal 1 minute walk away from each other and started. I made my way up to a position on my stomache behind a tree up about 50' from the prized empty beer bottle that if it were grabbed, the game would be over. I was laying down a suppressing fire, when from my left, a spattering barrage of paintballs were hitting the other side of my tree, but not hitting me. I was getting up the nerve after a couple of minutes to get up and make a run for the beer bottle when 2 shots rang out from behind me, both hitting me almost simultaneoulsly in the same spot on the back of my knee. I dropped my gun, "God Damnit, You Mother Fucker" "I'M OUT!!!!!" I said it so eloquently. The Mo Fo who shot me made it all the way around my flank and came up behind us all and got me from behind. Kinky huh???
I did not notice how bad it was until I got home that night and was putting on my PJ pants. The wife says "Your leg looks nasty!" Being the baddass I am I said "Chicks dig scars". I looked down and the bruise had grown 10 fold. Both paintballs had hit in the same spot a split second after each other. Here's my battle scar folks. This was an enormous bruise, the pic doesn't serve it justice. Remember, I have big legs. Notice the center mark of impact. It was so bruised in the center it was yellow. AWESOME!!!! This is as naked as you'll see me by the way, you can thank me later:

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!!!! Turn up the Speakers!!!!!!

Monday, December 11, 2006

One Pissed off Dan-o

This Is Spinal Tap
Marty: "I've noticed that your amps have and 11 on them, why is that?"
Nigel: "Our amps go up to 11."
Marty:"what does that mean?"
Nigel:"Everyone elses amps go to 10, ours go up to 11, see."

What's my deal folks? Well, today I had good reason to be ticked off. At the Mr. K job today, one of the younger electricians was there for the electrical company doing the job. He's got to be no older than 22. That's weird to say that's young to me. I digress. He comes up to me and asks if I'm the A/V guy on the job. I say yes. So he follows up by asking me what I thought about Bose. I said "In my honest professional opinion?....It's crap. They are not a Dolby licensed product which in Theater or any A/V standards is a huge benchmark. The CEO knows that his product can't become Dolby licensed due to the fact that they are a simple single cone loudspeaker design, similar to ones at a drive through where they talk to you at over the mic. This design gives the speakers a flat sound, but since the speaker is non-directional, it is a room filling flat sound, which can trick the person's ear into thinking it is a good sound. Which is why Symphony music is usually played to demo them. Whether you have flutes trombones sax's or trumpets, a flat symphony sound is going to sound alot better than a flat rock track or R/B. Also I find fault with a company that advertises their product as much as they do. They always say 'hear the difference' yet when I worked at Best Buy back in the day, the Bose rep was in when I took one of their speakers off of their display to set it next to a better and cheaper (mind you) JBL bookshelf. There was no way, other than me moving it, that the customer could hear the difference in the sound. " (The customer ended up buying the JBL by the way) prior to a nice friendly encounter in front of the rep and Mr. Belcastro(<------Steph, you remember him!!!!) Rich laughed after the rep left and said that customer service-wise, I was in the right, but Bose paid for that space away from the rest of the speakers in the room for a reason. Which stands to reason why they also have their own stores. ANYWAY, the electrician proceeds, only after I gave him even more incriminating evidence and suggestions of other fantastic sounding brands for cheaper $$$'s, to tell me that "Well, I bought the Bose AM10 system and I think it's fantastic...blah blah blah." I stopped him immediately and said "Man, don't do that...that is wrong on so many levels. If you have them that's fine, don't try to snowball me after the fact. This is my job, I know what I'm talking about, you're an electrician apprentice. They are a below average speaker for an astronomical price and the only reason they've survived over the years is because of their relentless stream of advertising. If you spent $1500 for the speakers and an amp, you obviously said 'hmmmm, I have $1500, what can I get for that.' Insead of saying 'what's out there for a reasonable price' and then shop around to see what is out there and MAYBE save some $$$." Did he honestly just do that? Advertising done properly, can get certain people to drink the peverbial ' kool-aid.' If you drill it into their heads long enough, they'll buy into it. His coworkers laughed at him for being an idiot by the way. Don't get me totally wrong, Bose isn't a terrible speaker, it's a simple product, with a simple design. They are just way overrated and WAY over priced. Shop around, PLEASE!!! If anyone out there is shopping around, here are a few web sites for brands that I'd recommend. Bye and bye, I have a Paradigm system in my mansion:


JBL (check out the Synthesis line.....I highly recommend it, if you have the means, it is so choice.) @$150,000 for the Atlas line.

Mission (Good luck though finding a local dealer for this one though...great sound!!!)

I know you're always in the market to spend a little $$$ Mol's. Let me know and I'll set you up.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Brokeback Mountain

Blazing Saddles
Town lookout: The Sheriff is a nig(loud noises in the background!!!!!!!)
Town folk: He said the Sheriff is Near!!!!!!!

The other evening at diner with the AML and RR, the conversation turned at one point to the viewing of Brokeback Mountain. My wife had watched it a few evenings before, and expressed that it wasn't a film 'Dan-o could watch'. Well, as I was pounding out the work today, and listening to my headset, I gazed into my persona a bit and wondered if I am really that closed minded and/or if I am really 'not comfortable in my sexuality' as was put by the AML. Now don't get me wrong, I am not upset in any way by any of these comments,...which actually I think puts me ahead in the Acceptance of Homosexuals Points Race (AHPR) already.
I delved into thinking about why, right off the bat, that I didn't want to see it. Well, A #1 that came to mind was that I am not a homosexual (which means I like sex w/ women-my wife especially) and I have no interest in a homosexual cowboy love story. First of all there is no such thing as a gay homosexual cowboy love story. Nice Try. Westerns are dirty (well, come to think of it, so is butt sex), cowboys are supposed to ride on horses, not other guys hung like horses. I realize that times are diffent from when I grew up where Clint Eastwood was a badass, now little Ricky is growing up in a world where Heath thinks Jake has a badass.
Sorry I just lost points to the AHPR. In all seriousness, though, I don't feel like I should have to explain why I don't want to see that movie, I just don't have any ambition to see it because it has qualities I'm just not interested in. It's also not that I'm homophobic, it's kind of hard to be that way with a gay uncle in the family. It's something I've grown up around. I'm used to it and accept it as a lifestyle. I also have a favorite movie that actually has very gay characters in it. It is an American movie that comes from a French play, The Birdcage. It's a great movie!!! It is a comedy, not a drama, and is very well done. <------SEE, I'm cultured too!!!!
I guess I just find fault with films that are made to prove a point, or that are made just to say "we can do this now, look what we're doing over here!!!!". And just because people like myself don't want to go see them, those people that do see it can say "Oh, he/she's not comfortable with that". You know what? I wouldn't read the book either. There are alot of things I just don't want to see or do, some have reasons, some don't. It's like when the RR wanted to go to a gay bar. Why would I want to go, I'm not gay? No interest for me there. However, I went because it's friends I went with, and we had a good time. Flat out, if it doesn't spawn interest immediately, it's out of my head like a fart in the wind, I don't waste my time with it. The wife can tell you when I'm sitting there and a preview for a movie or a comercial for some new product comes on, if my interest is peaked, you know it.
All I'm saying is to the movie people, "Look, don't push your agenda on me. And just because I don't accept your agenda, that doesn't make me wrong." We all understand there are gay people out there, we all know this, I accept them, and I accept their lifestyle because it's THEIR life desicion not mine, so it doesn't bother me one bit. Just don't shove it in my face or make me feel bad because I don't want to see it. We can make some of the people happy some of the time, but we can't make all of the people happy all of the time. STOP TRYING!!!!!!
ON ANOTHER TANGENT: While I'm rolling, Political correctness is all it is, and that is what's going to get everyone of us killed one of these days. Perfect example: All of the terrorists on 9/11 through today were of middle eastern decent and muslim-----> BUT!!!!! Not all middle esatern muslims are terrorists. SO when we began checking people at the airports that were of middle eastern decent and THEY started complaining......OHHH NO, we can't do this anymore, we have to start letting some of THEM go and let's isolate the 85 year old man over there that can't get out of his wheelchair to make things fair. And the next thing you know that guy we let through was the next one with a micro-nuke. Well, when a white male that has a scruffy beard and is wearing an AC/DC t-shirt robs a bank, who do we look for????? We look for the first white female in a work suit driving a Beemer...right!!!! Well, not so much, but you get the point.
Last week a bunch of muslim males were in the middle of an airport terminal praying to Allah. They were pissed when airport security stopped them and questioned them. Freedom of religion??? Absolutely, JUST NOT IN AN AIRPORT TERMINAL ASSHOLES!!!<-----The next Amendment to the US Constitution!!!!!!! Tiners, get on it!!!!! Everone reading this would have crapped themselves had they seen this in person, and don't lie. Muslims, save it for when you get home, that was in bad taste and you all know it. Finished, I think. I have to go to bed now, that was tiring. I still love you AML.....silly .

Sunday, December 03, 2006

A Pointless Sunday

Biloxi Blues

Jerome: (after getting off the train) It's really hot....does anyone else realize how hot it is?.......It's really hot......The hottness is getting hotter......It's hotter than hot, this is Africa hot.

After a wonderful dinner last evening with the Wife, AML, and the Rabbit, Dan-o is left with a meaningless Sunday to decide what he's going to do with. The Bengals already played Thursday in victorious fashion and don't play the lowly Raiders until next Sunday. What is a hometown fan to do? I turn around from the monitor and the animal (aka. Palmer is laying in "his chair" and as pitiful as he can below his barely open eyelids looks at me with the same feeling. "Daddy, what are we going to do today now that you're not going to be yelling at the TV today?" I really don't know.... Maybe do a little window shopping for the Old Lady's Xmas gift. I know what I'm getting her, but need some options. However the animal can't go to the mall with me....I feel bad leaving him at home all weekend. Maybe I can pretend I'm blind.....This won't pas for reality when I step out of my Monster truck's driver seat and fight with him to get his leash on. Let alone I've never known a seeing eye dog to smell everyone's crotch that they come in contact with which the P-dog is known for. Maybe we'll go to Grandma's house so the dog can run, this sounds like a possibility. Or I can get up the ambition finally and continue on the air return project for the upstairs.

Here's my dilemma with this, I build and create things every day at work with my hands and tools in order to make things work. When I get home in the evening, the last thing I want to do, is work some more. However this is my house right? Suck it up right? But the couch looks so comfy from across the room when I take off my boots in the afternoon. Any suggestions on how to avoid the 'rooting of the ass' on the couch in the evenings.

AML, we need to catch the guy who writes #'s in red on our shirts. Also I'm sorry your pic is right under the name of this post, I really didn't mean for it to turn out like that.