Friday, March 30, 2007

"If it smells like a ..........."

So I'm on my way home today after work, already having gone to deposit my check and picking up our accounting info from our taxes. I'm JAMMING to some Van Halen with the windows rolled down on this beautiful Friday before opening day. As I roll up to the stop light to turn left to get onto Cross County Highway, I catch a whif of perfume. It was a nice aroma, dont get me wrong. It was the type that only HOT women wear, no ugly women would have the gaul to wear this perfume. I turn my head to see the girl in the car next to me.....only there's no car????? 'Where is this lovely bouquet coming from?' the internal Dan asks himself. Looking around....nothing. Where...'Oh no she di' int!!!'. No other cars around me, HOWEVER, At the gas station across the street, putting me downwind of it, was a woman all done up to the hilt!!!! It had to have been her!!!! There was no woman in a car to the front or rear of me either. And to be overpowering the lovely aroma of gasoline is another thing!!! Ladies, go light on the perfume, because as a wise friend of mine once said "If it smells like a fish, it's a dish....If it smells like cologne, leave it alone."



i have never heard that quote! i was dying!

Dr. Stephanie said...

Truer words were never spoken, my friend.

My name is Batty, Batty Koda! said...

That's why i try not to wear anything of that nature and so in the end it all me and nothing false. so smell me and i smell like sandlewood.