Sunday, March 25, 2007


Ladies and Gentlemen, I know in the past I've humored you all with my luncheon endeavors. But today, I must enlighten you all on a topic that is closest to my heart.....Dinner. Last evening, Saturday, we had dinner at a place called Scotti's with another couple. (The attached menu is a little old though as the current prices a little more than what shows on the site.)
As we were deciding before the trip out on where to go, I had said I wanted something not commercialized, but I was in the mood for Italian food. So Macaroni Grill and Olive Garden were out. We came across a restaurant called Scotti's. It is downtown, easy enough to find on Vine near Court St. We weren't sure if we were going to get sat right away when we walked in because it was packed for the size it was(maybe 20-25 tables...tops). There was a table in the rear for 4 near the kitchen, one table away from the quintesential "Godfather Table". GREAT! Mark a '+' for Scotti's. The embiance was great, nice italian music and decorum. Another'+'. We had this garlic and cheese bread that made my mouth water. Keeping my mouth watering AFTER I've eaten something is worth 3 '+' marks. By the time our dinner got to the table, I was so excited. Looking around at what everyone else had ordered around us, I just couln't wait! I had the Mostaccioli ala Toscanini. If I were an idiot, I'd have fallen out of my chair, but I'm not an idiot. It was fantastic though. If I could afford a dinner like that every week, I would make it tops on my list.
To finish off the dinner, the wife and I shared a Chocolate Tiramisu. She said she never liked it, but almost creamed herself when she said she'd take a bite. So if you are wanting something nice for dinner, and willing to spend $50-60 on a nice meal, try it out, you won't be disappointed.
PS- This is me passed out in front of my car outside of the restaurant full from all of the food. Brian's sitting on the curb upset because a car backfired and he thinks I'm shot.


Dr. Stephanie said...

I've heard good things about Scotti's! I always walk past it when I go to the library. I tried to go there once, but they were closed. It was kind of weird, because it was Monday.

Dr. Stephanie said...

By the way, my unborn child is doing fine, despite all the tequila and cigarettes last weekend.

Dan-O said...

Steph: All teasing is off on that topic. There is nothing funny about being pregnant. I want children someday, but right now it's kinda fun w/o, ya know. I was just trying to get under your skin.


you love food more than any person i have ever met!!

Dan-O said...

Food is our friend.